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Cockroach Control Woolwich

Emerald Cockroach Control Woolwich Services.jpgIf you’ve found cockroaches are inhabiting your home, call us now and we can quickly dispatch a technician to get rid of them and prevent them from returning.

Emerald pest control technicians have proven methods in getting rid of cockroaches as well as preventing them from coming back into your property.

Cockroaches are very unhygienic and will eat nearly anything. As natural scavengers they will search for food, often feasting on bodies of other insects and even bodily waste.

These insects have six legs and have flat, oval bodies - which often might appear slightly shiny.

Depending on the species, the size of them can vary between 13 - 40mm, with the males being slightly smaller than the females.

Cockroaches will be a brown or dark reddish-brown in colour and can be found scaling all types of surfaces.

Cockroaches may also carry diseases such as typhoid, poliomyelitis E-coli and dysentery. This means that if you discover them, they have to be removed as soon as possible from your property.

Cockroaches are also one of our planets great survivors and have been around since the dinosaurs and they will most probably out live all us too. There is also more to cockroaches than we may think they are one of the most adaptable creatures that exist worldwide apart from the Polar Regions and in elevations above 2,000 meters. They can also survive under water for several hours.

There are around 4,300 species of cockroaches and less than 30 of these are considered as pests. The world’s smallest cockroach is approx 3mm long and the heaviest is an Australian Rhinoceros which is approx 80mm in length and the cockroach that has the largest wingspan is the Megaloblatta Blaberoides.

However we in the UK are quite lucky as there are only 3 species of which has probably been brought in from abroad, these are the Tawny, Lesser and the Dusky Cockroach.

You can tell if you have a cockroach infestation if you detect any of the following:

If you have spotted signs of cockroaches, or have seen them within your property, call Emerald Cockroach Control Woolwich Services and we can rapidly dispatch a pest control technician to remedy your cockroach situation.

All our Technicians are fully qualified and you will find our team very helpful and professional. Call us now on 0800 130 3106 for more information on our services to Woolwich and the surrounding areas.