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Hornet Control Rochester

Emerald Hornet Control Rochester Services.jpgHornet nests will typically reach their peak size in Summer, and although there will be fewer hornets in the air than there would be bees or wasps, the hives themselves are usually larger, and its members can react to perceived threats across considerable distances. While these colonies will not survive the winter months, it is very difficult to live in close proximity to them.

Swatting or killing even one hornet can create a scent capable of aggravating their entire swarm, and this scent can sometimes cling to clothes and fabrics, which is potentially dangerous when first encountering a nest.

Given recent warnings about Asian Hornet populations, Emerald Pest Control expects an increased level of public concern about hornets and more reports of infestation.

Emerald Pest Control – Rochester’s leading hornet control service, have highly skilled pest control technicians ready to rid your property from hornets. We will completely remove the hornets as well as any nests.