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Emerald Dulwich Mice Control South East London, North Kent and Essex

Emerald Mice Control Services Dulwich.jpgEmerald’s mice control Dulwich team have proven methods to effectively remove mice from your property and to stop them returning.

With our pest control technician’s vast experience, we can locate where the mice are coming from, remove them and put in measures to stop them from returning.

You can tell if you have mice by either spotting one within your property, noticing gnawing marks on furniture or hearing scuffling noises around your home. They are a brown or grey in colour and their body length varies between 60 – 90mm, however their tail can add another 100mm to their length. Droppings are black and a rod shape and are about 3-6mm in long.

They become a particular problem within the autumn months as they seek shelter within people’s homes. Once they find a good place to nest they can multiply quickly - with up to 6 litters a year.

There are many ways that they can enter your property, even if you think it’s well guarded. They can fit through very small gaps, vents, cracks in foundations and more. Once they are in the property they can quickly get established. Mice live in nests which usually are found inside buildings or in sheltered areas, but mainly inside during the cold winter months.

They are also mainly active at night and they can fit through holes as small as 4mm. They will also eat anything but their favourite food is cereal products, mice also urinate in food as well as leaving droppings, they will gnaw their way through anything to get to a good food source.

For hygiene and comfort reasons it’s worth removing them from your property as quickly as possible. Emerald Pest Control Dulwich can provide thorough methods performed by skilled technicians for the elimination of mice from your property.

All our Technicians are fully qualified and you will find our team very helpful and professional. Call us now on 0800 130 3106 for more information on our services to the Dulwich and surrounding area.

We pride ourselves in our professional and discrete approach to pest control in Dulwich. Therefore, if you are suffering from a mouse infestation don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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