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Rodent Proofing Service

Emerald Rodent Proofing Services Kent and South East London.jpgProofing your home against rats, mice and squirrels will significantly reduce the chance of an infestation or reinfestation once we have cleared your property. 

Emerald Pest Control offer effective and affordable rodent proofing service in Kent and London against mice and rats.

Rodent proofing is a vital part of a complete rodent control program. The objective is to close all present and potential openings which may serve as entries for rats, mice and squirrels. It is important however to ensure that we not to seal rodents indoors until baiting, trapping and removal is completed and then proofing can take place.

We begin with a thorough inspection of the premises, locating any suitable openings where utilities enter, floor drains and sewer and water pipes etc. If there is a suitable entry point we will locate it.

The materials then used for rodent proofing should be rodent resistant, such as heavy wire mesh.

Rodent proofing is key if you have had ongoing infestations of rats and mice in your home. Now is the time to think about mouse proofing if you want to ensure you do not have re infestations year after year.