We provide professional residential pest control services whether you require a one off pest control treatment or a pest control contract.

Wasp Nest Removal


Emerald Pest Control – Bromley’s leading wasp nest removal service have highly skilled pest control technicians ready to rid your property of wasps. Our treatments are guaranteed under most circumstances and we can also remove the wasps nest cone if needed.


If you are noticing an increased number of wasps flying around your property then this could be linked to a nest close by, or even within your property.


Roof spaces are prime locations for wasps to nest. A wasp’s nest will look like a round, grey, paper mache object with an entrance hole generally located at the bottom.

If you are unsure feel free to call our office for free advice


Wasps will aggressively protect their nests, and will attack any intruders or people causing disturbances with their sting. This makes them a threat to your household or business.


Emerald Pest Control technicians are experts in locating and destroying wasp nests. Wasps will not re-use a professionally treated nest.  


Offering a totally hygienic and safe service, we will work with you until the wasps are totally removed from your property.


So call us now and get rid of those wasps today.


Ant Control

If you have an ant infestation within your property, we can treat it quickly and effectively even if you cannot see the nest. Emerald Ant Control Services can also advise on preventative treatments for Ants .


Ants are able to occupy anywhere, and when there is a nest present you can be faced with literally thousands within your property.


One or two ants can quickly lead to an infestation, which can spread throughout your home - ending up in kitchen cupboards, on work spaces and even in your food.


Even though there are methods where you can eliminate ants yourself, these don’t prevent them from returning to their sometimes hidden colonies.


Leaving a pheromone behind them, which is undetectable to humans, they’re able to find their way back to previous colonies and cannot be truly eliminated until the colonies are destroyed.


We can provide a rapid call out service and are happy to dispatch an expert London or Kent based pest control technician to advise and rid your property of your ant infestation.


Rats and Mice Control

Emerald’s rodent control team have proven methods to effectively remove mice from your property and to stop them returning.


With our Pest control technician’s vast experience, we can locate where the mice are coming from, remove them and put in measures to stop them from returning.


You can tell if you have rats or mice by either spotting one within your property, noticing gnawing marks on furniture or hearing scuffling noises around your home.


If you are not sure whether they are rats or mice, feel free to call our office for free advice


Both Rats and Mice can become a particular problem within the autumn months as they seek shelter within people’s homes. Once they find a good place to nest they can multiply quickly - with up to 6 litters a year.


There are many ways that mice can enter your property, even if you think it’s well guarded. They can fit through very small gaps, vents, cracks in foundations and more. Once they are in the property they can quickly get established.


We offer an  extensive proofing service to seal all current or potential holes Rats or Mice use to infest properties


For hygiene and comfort reasons it’s worth removing mice from your property as quickly as possible. Emerald Pest Control can provide thorough methods performed by skilled technicians for the elimination of mice from your property.


Call us now on 0800 130 3106 for more information on our pest control services.


Cockroach Control


If you’ve found cockroaches are inhabiting your home, call us now and we can quickly dispatch a technician to get rid of them and prevent them from returning.


Emerald pest control technicians have proven methods in getting rid of cockroaches as well as preventing them from coming back into your property.


Cockroaches are very unhygienic and will eat nearly anything. As natural scavengers they will search for food, often feasting on bodies of other insects and even bodily waste.


These insects have six legs and have flat, oval bodies - which often might appear slightly shiny.


Depending on the species, the size of them can vary between 13 - 40mm, with the males being slightly smaller than the females.


Cockroaches will be a brown or dark reddish-brown in colour and can be found scaling all types of surfaces.


Cockroaches may also carry diseases such as typhoid, poliomyelitis E-coli and dysentery. This means that if you discover them, they have to be removed as soon as possible from your property.


You can tell if you have a cockroach infestation if you detect any of the following:


  •     Seeing a live cockroach within your property

  •     Hollow shell castings from hatched eggs

  •     Black fecal specs, which look a bit like coffee granules

  •     Dead cockroaches

  •     A strong and unpleasant smell within the property


If you have spotted signs of cockroaches, or have seen them within your property, call Emerald Cockroach Control Services and we can rapidly dispatch a pest control technician to remedy your cockroach situation.


Squirrel Control

Squirrels can cause extensive damage to your property, meanwhile their capabilities to chew through electrical wiring poses an increased fire risk to you and all other occupants.

Damage caused by pests is often not covered by household insurance



Squirrels are known to breed in roof spaces where they are able to build their nests, otherwise known as 'dreys' from lot insulation among other materials. The potential damage to your property's insulation and electrical wiring, as well as the noise squirrel infestations create, are nuisances that have well documented by our clients over the years.



At Emerald Pest Control, our experts use a special grey squirrel bait that is 0.020% warfarin based as the most cost effective solution to Squirrel problems.


Once the problem is resolved we can carry out proofing works to repair rooflines and prevent squirrels returning 

Our expert squirrel exterminators are on hand ready to tackle your problem professionally, efficiently and safely.


Call Emerald Squirrel Control team now for more information on the services we supply.


Mole Control


Emerald Mole Control provides professional mole control service for all domestic and residential customers.

The European mole is a fantastically well adapted mammal, contrary to popular belief the mole does not hibernate, he may have to tunnel a little deeper during cold periods primarily because his main food source (earth worms) tend to move deeper during cold weather (and during hot dry periods too).


Many people have never seen a mole and often assume (because of the number and size of the mole hills he produces) he is larger than he really is, in fact he averages between 4oz and 6oz and rarely exceeds 6".


Moles need to eat their own weight daily, relying mostly on earthworms, but will also eat slugs, beetles, spiders, centipedes, and leather-jackets, in fact they will even eat dead birds / mice if they stumble across them. The mole needs to consume around 50lbs of food per year!!


He will not however, eat any of your plants. The first signs of moles on a property are molehills, these are the excavations made by the mole during its tunnelling activities There will normally be a system of permanent tunnels about 30-60cm below the surface which are unlikely to be detected from above.


It is the shallow, feeding runways which trouble gardeners.


Moles are highly territorial and generally live alone in an extensive tunnel system. Molehills are created as the animals extend and repair their tunnels, which act as traps to catch their main prey, earthworms. One mole can produce a considerable number of hills, particularly where food is in short supply. Between five and eight young are born in the spring and these disperse, generally in very shallow tunnels in midsummer to try to establish their own territories.


Mole numbers have increased dramatically since 2006 and are now estimated to be in excess of 30 million moles in the UK


If you have moles in garden or mole hills contact Emerald Pest Control before the problems get out of hand.

We deal with small and large scale mole infestations. We use traditional mole control skills along with more modern controls; all the methods that might be needed to get rid of moles and molehills.


Bed Bug Control

Emerald Bed Bug Control lead the way in bed bug removal throughout Essex, Kent and London.  Our Technicians are experts in Bed bug treatment

We are able to offer a guarantee on our services that the treatment has been effective, please ask for details


Bed bugs are often extremely difficult to identify and it can often be problematic to highlight a problem. Bed bugs are often found in extremely small cracks and faults. Many people are bitten by bed bugs and this is usually an indication that an infestation is arising.

If you are unsure if you have bed bugs you can call our offer for free advice on how to identify the problem, we can also carry out an inspection if you wish


It is important to look for the following signs:

·     Thick, dark black stains located on the mattress and nearby areas.

·     Bedbugs emanate a disgusting sticky, soft odour.

·     Tiny dark spots that would indicate bedbug faeces.

·     Live insects that are evident within the dead; they usually measure between 4mm-5mm and can be visible from shed skin.


The bed is the first obvious place to check, but bed bugs often inhabit furniture and other furnishings. You should also check bed frames, headboards, in between mattresses, in an on carpets, between the floorboards and inside electrical sockets. Bed bugs can basically be found anywhere in a bedroom and infestations should be taken seriously. Bed bugs are often located in bedrooms because they require access to blood within the night. Essentially, bed bugs are attracted and enticed by body heat emitted by humans and the carbon dioxide when we exhale.

Bed bugs can be spread by simply carrying around clothing that carries an infestation. The bed bugs will then inevitably move onto other furniture or clothing and begin an infestation elsewhere.


All our Technicians are fully qualified and you will find our team very helpful and professional. Call us now on 0800 130 3106 for more information on our services.


We pride ourselves in our professional and discrete approach to pest control. Therefore, if you are suffering from a bed bug infestation don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Hornet Control


Hornet nests will typically reach their peak size in Summer, and although there will be fewer hornets in the air than there would be bees or wasps, the hives themselves are usually larger, and its members can react to perceived threats across considerable distances. While these colonies will not survive the winter months, it is very difficult to live in close proximity to them.


Swatting or killing even one hornet can create a scent capable of aggravating their entire swarm, and this scent can sometimes cling to clothes and fabrics, which is potentially dangerous when first encountering a nest.


Given recent warnings about Asian Hornet populations, Emerald Pest Control expects an increased level of public concern about hornets and more reports of infestation.


Emerald Pest Control – Orpington’s leading hornet control service, have highly skilled pest control technicians ready to rid your property from hornets. We will completely remove the hornets as well as any nests.

Drain Valve Installation

Our Uk Manufactured Drain Valve comes in 2 sizes and can be supplied fitted to most drains to prevent the common issue of rats from sewers infesting properties.  The single flap rat blocker fits securely inside the drain enabling rodents to escape but not re-enter thanks to the ingenious one way flap construction.